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Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Seeds


Rating: 97
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Potency Profile

Strength: High +

Duration: 3 Hours +





THC percentages can vary with
growers techniques, conditions,
and grow formulas.

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Girl Scout Cookies Seeds Autoflower Feminized - In Stock

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Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Feminized Seeds Are:

  • Autoflowering Seeds : Will begin to flower automatically usually in about 5 to 6 weeks, when exposed up to 18 hrs. of the light. Takes as little as 10 -16 weeks from seed to the harvest.
  • Feminized Autoflower Seeds: Most Popular because Female marijuana plants are the only ones that produce "buds” (flowers), which contains the CBD and THC.
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What are Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Genetics?

The seeds of Girl Scout Cookies, also known as GSC, were developed through the meticulous crossbreeding of three exceptional strains: Durban Poison, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple.

The Strength of Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower:

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid marijuana strain boasting an impressive THC level of 25%.

Known for its high potency

This cannabis strain is perfect for those moments when you've had a challenging day and need a significant mood boost to maintain your sanity. Girl Scout Cookies marijuana has been reported to cause couch-lock, so if you have stuff to do pace yourself with this one.

tree Genealogy

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Strain

Arrows pointing down to parents
OG Kush x Durban Poison X Granddaddy Purple
Arrows pointing down to grand parents
OG Kush X Purple Urkle
Durban Poison Big Bud
Indica     Sativa
CBD     Hybrid

You'll be glad you got your Girl Scout Cookies autoflowering seeds from Holi Moli. Where service and quality is #1.

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What Are Girl Scout Cookies Auto Effects?

Users Reviews:
Powerful: 86%
Body-Buzz: 83%
Uplifted: 81%
Cerebral: 74%
Sedated: 69%
Couch-Lock: 67%
Tingly: 63%

The High of Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis offers a potent and powerful high that stimulates the mind and relaxes the body. If you've had a tough day and need a serious mood boost, you're in luck! Girl Scout Cookies will leave you feeling happier, more positive, and uplifted overall. It effortlessly melts away stress and bad moods, replacing them with a delightful and joyful buzz of positivity.

The initial high leaves its consumers feeling more focused, creative, and inspired. As the high settles in, a warm tingly relaxing sensation works its way through your body, helping relieve pains and aches and you'll be headed straight for the couch. Be sure to have a pile of snacks around, Girl Scout Cookies can bring on a mean case of the munchies! This strain has been known to cause a couch-lock high, so if you have a lot going on you should savor this strain for the end of your day.

Responsible marijuana use within one's tolerance levels can produce pleasant effects- avoid excessive intake.

Can Medical Girl Scout Cookies Auto Help?

Users Reviews:
Stress: 84%
Depression: 81%
Anxiety: 76%
Mood Disorders: 74%
Chronic Pain: 71%
Loss of Appetite: 64%
Nausea: 59%

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Marijuana Can Help

Girl Scout Cookies seeds offer a wide range of medical benefits for both mental and physical conditions. Because of it powerful mood-boosting and uplifting properties, Girl Scout Cookies has proven to be highly effective choice in helping those treating for symptoms of stress, depression, mood disorders, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, PMS, and fatigue.

Girl Scout Cookies is turned to by those looking to alleviate pain caused by back pain, muscle spasms and tension, headaches, migraines, cramps, and more.

For those looking for a strain to help with nausea or loss of appetite, look no further! This strain has been known to fire up an appetite providing some much needed relief.

Patients should consult their doctor before using cannabis medically, marijuana can be an effective supplemental treatment.

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How Does Girl Scout Cookies Auto Taste?

Users Reviews:
Sweet: 94%
Chocolate: 83%
Cherry: 69%
Herbal: 61%
Spicy: 56%

The Flavor of Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

As you take a deep breath, prepare to be embraced by the irresistible allure of a luscious, chocolate-drenched cherry flavor, accompanied by subtle herbal undertones that will undoubtedly leave you craving for more. But that's not all! As you exhale, brace yourself for an exhilarating experience as your taste buds are tantalized by an earthy, woody essence, infused with a touch of refreshing mint and a dash of tantalizing spice.

How Does Girl Scout Cookies Auto Smell?

Users Reviews:
Pungent: 82%
Sweet: 80%
Vanilla: 74%
Fruity: 34%
Mint: 73%

The Aroma of Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower

GSC cannabis boasts a captivating blend of pungent, fruity, and nutty aromas, complemented by earthy, skunky, and diesel undertones. But wait, there's more! This extraordinary strain has been known to surprise with a refreshing hint of mint, a touch of sweet vanilla, and subtle undertones of spice.

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What are the Terpenes in Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering strain?

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Cannabis Terpenes

Terpenes creates the scents and flavors - they vary depending on the growing conditions, curing process, and individual plant phenotypical expression.

Is Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering strain easy to grow?

Users Reviews
GSC marijuana is a moderate cannabis plant to cultivate and can be grown indoors and outdoors in optimal growing conditions.

Germination To Harvest 90-100 Days tiny leaf

-- Outdoor Grow (Full Sun / In Ground) --
Height: 4 Ft Plus
Yield: 1 1/2 - 3 Ounces Cured

Caring for Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower marijuana plants

Problems known to Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana plants - Susceptbible to Mildew if humidity isn't controlled. Keep the humidity under control and grab a bottle of Holi Moli Eliminator to protect your plants from mold, mildew, bud rot, and pests.

- Nutrient sensitive - Easy to overfeed

- Pungent aromas need ventilation & filtration

- Hermaphroditic tendencies if stressed

- Finicky if severely root-bound early on

Best Climate

When grown outdoors Girl Scout Cookies thrives in warm temperate climates, in full sun, with ideal summer temperatures ranging from 75-85°F and outdoor humidity below 50% RH.

Growing Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower Strain Indoors

Maintain daytime temperatures between 75-80°F and night temperatures between 65-70°F. Vegetative Humidity - 40-50% RH and Flowering Humidity - 40-45% RH (dehumidification often required).


How to Grow Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana:

  • To germinate your Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana seeds it's best to create an atmosphere indoors of Spring time temperatures. 75F 24/7 is optimal.
  • For Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana Indoor cultivation use topping and low stress training techniques during vegetative stage to maximize yield.
  • For Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana outdoor cultivation make sure to choose a spot in your garden that receives at least 8 hours of direct sunlight every day and accommodates for it's size.
  • Harvesting Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana usually takes place in Late September and through October outdoors and indoor plants about 2 months after setting lights to only 12 hrs per day.
  • Curing Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Marijuana using the traditional method involves drying your cannabis slowly over the course of a few weeks in a controlled environment.

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering Buds

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflowering marijuana is known for its olive green dense buds, which are often tinged with hints of purple. These buds are covered in a frosty layer of shiny trichomes and feature dark orange copper-colored pistils.

Bud appearance changes with growers techniques, climate, grow formulas, and drying / curing.

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Girl Scout Cookies Holi Moli Card

girl scout cookies holi moli card information
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What are the highest Autoflowering THC strains?

  • Fat Bastard Auto- With 30 - 38% THC this Hybrid is the highest THC strain around. Big Fat Buds!
  • G13 Auto - With THC levels of 28% This old school strain is a great choice.
  • Runtz Auto - New and exciting with THC levels up around 29% +. Tight frosty nuggets.
  • Moonshine Cookies Auto - High THC Up to 30% +. A great yield, easy to grow. Good looking bud!
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Are Marijuana Seeds Legal to Own or Sell?

DEA Says YES according to emails from the DEA, marijuana seeds have no THC content so the schedule 1 drug laws would not apply to marijuana seeds.

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