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Dying Your Cannabis Buds

Hang up a net to dry your bud.

Hanging net to dry bud

As part of the harvest preparation in growing Marijuana plants, you need to secure a room with proper air circulation for both trimming and drying of the buds harvested. A temperature of about 70- 75 degrees should be maintained in the room.  High temperature can produce moisture which may then affect the buds and reduce their potency.

Before the harvest, make sure that you have gathered all the necessary things needed.

Make sure you can darken the room. Light will also reduce the potency of your bud. Have strings running across the room to hang your bud on, making sure there is enough space between them for good air circulation. You'll want them to dry as evenly as possible.

As an example, the patio gardening images on the Above and Below are of the same patio, taken approximately one year apart.


Hanging Bud on a ine

Hanging Bud

Hanging Bud Photo
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