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Cannabis Deficiencies

An unhealthy cannabis plant with discolored, twisted, or dying leaves are signs of nutritional deficiencies. It's the most common issue that affect cannabis plants. Detecting and correcting nutrient deficiencies early is crucial to support fast growth and maximum bud yields. This guide covers how to visually diagnose, prevent, and treat the most common cannabis nutrient deficiencies.

Paying close attention to leaf symptoms allows growers to catch cannabis nutritional issues early. Combine visual diagnostics with plant tissue tests and soil pH checks to fully dial in nutrients and maximize plant health. A preventative regimen of complete nutrients tailored to growth stages is ideal to avoid deficiencies.

Cannabis Deficiencies Chart


Find Nutrient Disorders Fast: To use the Problem-Solver, simply start at #1 below. When you think you've found the problem, read the Nutrients section to learn more about it. Diagnose carefully before making major changes.....Continued

Nitrogen (N)


Deficiency: causes rapid yellowing of lower leaves progressing up the plant. Includes Pale plants, reddening stems, a dull or dingy leaf appearance, retarded-smaller growth. Usually the deficiency will be noticeable on the lower part of the plant, on the......Continued

Phosphorus (P)


Deficiency: Slow or stunted growth! slow leaf growth, slow root growth, slow germination of seeds, slow bud production, red stems, the edges of leaves will be brown. Even fan leaves, the plants solar cells, will be affected by this, the lower leaves.....Continued

Potassium (K)


Deficiency: This has yellowing of leaves, from outside in, but with a dark green center vein, and curling of leaf tips, this is mistakenly diagnosed as nitrogen def or iron def a LOT. Necrotic spots form on lower leaves. Red stems. Leaves appear........Continued

Magnesium (Mg)


Deficiency: This is pretty easy to notice, green veins but fully yellow leaves. leaf tips can discolor and curl upwards. leaf edges can feel dry and crispy. the necrosis on the leaf will start at the edges, work all the way around the leaf. the........Continued

Calcium (Ca)


Deficiency: First visible in newer growth, leaf tips will die, tips may curl, growth is stunted. there will be a weakness in stems/branches. underdeveloped roots, and bacteria problems can arise. Can be cuased by too much potassium/nitrogen calcium........Continued

Zinc (Zn)


Deficiency: Spotting, bleaching of spots between veins (commonly confused with iron/mag def). Usually appears on older leaves first. It will affect the tips of growing points on the plants. Small crops due to zinc def is common. Pale/greyish leaves will........Continued

Iron (Fe)


Deficiency: discoloring of the leaves mainly between the veins, starting with the lower/middle leaves. when i say discoloring, i dont mean a light green, i mean almost white. its a bleaching that starts at the top, and moves down, eventually, necrotic...........Continued

Sulfur (S)


Deficiency: the first sign will be pale new leaves. growth will be stunted. leaves can be brittle and narrow-er then normal. you can get mutated leaves becuase of this. in flowering, buds will die off! NOT COOL. stems will become hard and thin. this is.........Continued

Manganese (Mn)


Deficiency: Young leaves will be mottled, spotted with yellow and brown areas. dead spots will appear, leaves will yellow, veins remain green. rumored that leaves can have a checkered pattern. This really only happens in young/new growth........Continued

Boron (B)


Deficiency: this will first show on younger leaves, they will yellow. this resembles calcium deficiency. stunted growth, discoloration, death of growing tips. buds will stop forming. tip of shoots will die. stems/petioles will brittle. leaves will curl, and........Continued

Copper (Cu)


Deficiency: Sturned growth, distortion of younger leaves. twisting. abundance: root growth stops........Continued

Molybdenum (Mo)


Deficiency: Leaves will pale, appear fringed and scorched. wierd leaf patterns. Yellowing of middle leaves. twisted younger leaves. this is commonly mistaken for a (N) deficiency, generally starts on older growth, and moves to newer growth. this usually..........Continued

Nickel (Ni)


Deficiency: much of this isnt known/documented in detail, but its rare to have issues with it. mainly its used for seed germination, but most soils have plenty, and more wont be needed for the duration of the grow.............Continued

Nutrient Overview

Nutrient Overview

But wait, there's more to plant nutrition than just the macronutrients. They also need micro-nutrients, also known as trace elements. These nutrients are just as necessary to healthy plant (and human) growth, only in much............Continued

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