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Potassium for Cannabis Plants

potassium deficiency 1


Has yellowing of leaves, from outside in, but with a dark green center vein, and curling of leaf tips, this is mistakenly diagnosed as nitrogen def or iron def a LOT. Always check your pH

potassium deficiency 2

It appears:

Red stems. Leaves appear pale or yellow. Stems and branches will be weak, easily broken. Affected plants are usually tallest and appear to be most vigorous.. too much sodium (NA) can cause a potassium deficiency.

Potassium 3

Potassium (K):

Potassium deficiency is similar to Nitrogen and Phosphorus, which have similar symptoms. With curling leaf ends when they die. Also the plant can get stretched.

Potassium 4

Potassium: macronutrient:

Necessary for formation of sugars, starches, and more in roots and other parts of the plant. Adjust water balance, improves stem rigidity and cold hardiness, enhances flavor and color, increases the oil content.

Potassium 5


Leaf margins turn chlorotic and then necrotic; leaves to show retarded growth and show a scorched tip and edges around the leaves. Plants may stretch and your branches can be easily broken or weak.

potassium deficiency 6

The Cure: Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice

To prevent deficiencies in your Plants use Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice. Just water your plants, with a mixture of Drmoli's Holi Moli Juice every 2nd or 3rd watering. Can also be used as a foilar spray.

Dr Moli's Holi Moli Juice: A Complete Nutrient Base

WHAT EXACTLY IS Dr Moli's Holi Moli Juice?
A convenient All-In-One Bottle organic nutirients, of the highest quality. Great for All Stages of Growing. Veg, Budding, and Flowering. Great for Hydro and Soil. Environmentally Safe. - Prevent a Deficiency

Potassium supplements are:

  1. Wood ashes, which are fast absorption.
  2. Kelp Meal, which is medium absorption.
  3. Greensand, which is slow absorption.
  4. Granite dust, which is slow absorption.
  5. Sulfate of Potash.
  6. Sulfate of Potash Magnesia.
  7. Muriate of Potash, which are medium absorption.

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