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Holi Moli Grow Products

Holi Moli - Dr Moli's Grow Products

Holi Moli provides sustainable, specialized organic products for growing high quality cannabinoid crops leveraging scientific principles and natural plant strengthening compounds.

Keep crops thriving safely with Dr. Moli’s Eliminator - the organic all-in-one pest solution ridding plants of destructive insects, mites, mold, and mildew.

MedaCann - the organic plant health supplement that strengthens cannabis and hemp plants' own biochemical defenses and developmental pathways.

Holi Moli Juice - The Complete Organic Cannabis Nutrient

This proprietary living organicbase nutrient for hydroponics or soil provides full-spectrum mineral nourishment with macro and micronutrients (N-P-K) supporting optimized development during the entire cannabis lifecycle - from propagating clones to abundant flowering.

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4 oz bottles $19 Makes 2 1/2 Gallons. 16 0z Bottle Makes 10 Gallons $46.00 - Fast - Shipping

Get Rid Of Your Bugs and their eggs. Kills Mildew Instantly The Healthy Way. 100% Money Back Guarantee!

For Full Product Details Organic - Non Toxic- Food Grade. FDA and EPS Approved. Reviews

See the difference within an hour. Buy Now

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Holi Moli Juice

1 Qt. Bottle $22.95 Makes 32 Gallons. / or 1 Gal Bottle Makes 128 Gallons $48.00 - Fast n Shipping

Show 'EM Love With The Best 100 % Organic Complete Nutrient Base On The Market Today. Your plants Will Outperform Anything You've Grown So Far. Reviews

For Full Product Details -- Buy Now

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4 oz bottles $19 Makes 3 Gallons. /or 16 0z Bottle Makes 12 Gallons $46.00 - Fast n Shipping

Take them up a Notch. Bigger Trichromes by up to 30% and MORE BUD!!! Formulated to enhance potency. Reviews

For Full Product Details

See the difference within an hour. Buy Now

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Zeolite Plus

1 lb $17.80 treats 6 - 8 Cubic ft. /or 5 lbs treats 30 - 40 cubic ft. $36.00 - Fast n Shipping

1 lb of Zeolite Plus = up to 20 lbs of Zeolite. Start saving water and money and Time.

For Full Product Details -- Buy Now

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Digital pH Balance Tester

pH Tester for Liquid

Includes calibration solutions and screwdriver

Cost $11.99 each -- Buy Now

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Eye Loupes

1 Pc 14X - Highest Quality Lens Magnifier

Crystal Clear - Handheld - Made Of Thick Alumium.

Cost $6.00 each -- Buy Now

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Growing Marijuana Plants

1. Guard Aganist Diseases

2. Nutrient Deficiencies

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The Eliminator Kills Mildew and Mold on contact.

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Kills insects and their eggs within seconds.

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What are the highest THC strains?

  • Fat Bastard - With up to 38% THC this Hybrid is the highest THC strain around. Big Fat Buds!
  • Godfather OG - With THC levels up to 34% This old school strain is a great choice.
  • Gush Mints - New and exciting with THC levels up around 33% +. Tight frosty nuggets.
  • Velvet Lushers - High THC at 33% +. A great yield, easy to grow. Good looking bud!
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WANT MORE Marijuana Seeds Over 1,000 Strains in Stock

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Are Marijuana Seeds Legal to Own or sell?

DEA Says YES according to emails from the DEA, marijuana seeds have no THC content so the schedule 1 drug laws would not apply to marijuana seeds.

Where can I buy Marijuana seeds?

HoliMoli Seed bank provides great value, fresh high-quality marijuana seeds. We have the best high THC strains, Landrace strains, Feminized strains, fast strains, CBD or Autoflowering strains, Whether you call them weed seeds, pot seeds or beans. We have the seeds you're looking for And We Are Located in the USA. California & Oregon. Get Them TODAY

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