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Hermies of Cannabis Plants

What causes Hermies?

Most of the time lighting causes it, as well as other types of major stress can cause a healthy plant to hermie, though some plants/strains are more susceptible than others

  1. Light Leaks

  2. Inconsistent light schedules

  3. Bad chemicals or build up of chemicals in your soil.

  4. Chlorine in water.

  5. Too High or too Low pH.

  6. A bad start at the seedling stage will stress them out.

  7. High temperatures.

  8. Letting buds over-mature – this is also known as “rodelization”

  9. Overfeeding and over watering.

  10. Calcium builds up on roots from high mineral water.

Sometimes it just happens at no cause of your own. The truth is you always run the risk of running into a Hermie when growing feminized seeds… Very rare but it happens. It is true for non-feminized cannabis seeds, too! Regular seeds produce Hermies. Even Clones will Hermie in poor growing conditions.
Growing in a stress free environment will help prevent Hermies 99% of the time. In the end when growing Cannabis seeds or clones a Hermie will happen every now and then. Even to the best Growers.

How to produce more females from seed and Prevent Hermies

You should always use organic soil as your medium.

How to get more females to grow from that pack of seeds you purchased. What you need to know about cannabis is that the experience of the grower has so much to do with their female:male ratios when growing from seeds. You can give 5 people the same 10 seeds, and they will all have different results. Some growers will have 30% females, 70% females, 50% females and others 100% females. The sex is not exactly predetermined before the grower gets the seeds. It’s all about a few tips and tricks and most important of all, reducing stress on the plants, specifically right before the calyx’s begin to form.

Think about growing and controlling marijuana’s stress levels like that of a person with Diabetes. The less his or her blood sugar levels fluctuate, the less stress the diabetic will suffer.

If you over water or over dry your plants soil, it will cause stress, just like if your diabetics friends eats the wrong foods with too much sugar, or injects too much insulin, his body will not be stress free with all the fluctuations. They now have something called an insulin pump, that injects the proper amount of insulin 24 hours a day to keep sugar levels more stabilized throughout the day, instead of three injections per day which would have more fluctuations of the diabetics sugar levels and physical stress.

So the idea of good growing, to prevent hermies and produce more fems, making sure your plants:

  1. Room temperature does not fluctuate too much

  2. Room humidity levels do not fluctuate too much

  3. Soil moisture levels to not become over watered or overly dry.

  4. You keep the nutrients feeding regulated, not spiking or depleting the amounts of nutrients throughout each day. An equal ratio N,K and P will have reasonable results obtaining female plants. Remember the Diabetic pump theory,

  5. You keep your light schedule exact, and never allow light pollution (never allow, even for a second, any amount of light to contact your plants during it’s dark cycle)

  6. Never use 24 hours of light for vegetation, 18 on / 6 off is suitable, but not optimal. Read below for more advanced techniques.

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