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Hermaphrodite Cannabis

Introduction to Hermaphrodite Cannabis

What is Hermaphroditism in Cannabis?

Hermies, short for hermaphrodites, are a phenomenon that can occur in cannabis plants. While most cannabis plants are either male or female, hermaphrodite plants have the ability to produce both male pollen sacs and female flowers.

Hermaphrodite Cannabis in Cultivation

Hermie cannabis plants produces pollen, it can fertilize the surrounding female flowers, leading to the development of unwanted seeds, and low bud quality.

photo of hermies feminized cannabis bud

Hermaphrodite Cannabis Buds

photo of hermies feminized cannabis bud

Hermaphrodite Cannabis Buds


What causes Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants?

Most of the time lighting causes it, as well as other types of major stress can cause a healthy plant to hermie, though some plants/strains are more susceptible than others

Environmental stressors can also play a role. Things like extreme temperatures, light leaks, inconsistent lighting schedules, nutrient imbalances, and even physical damage can stress the plant and push it towards hermaphroditism. So, it's crucial for growers to maintain a stable and optimal environment to minimize the chances of their plants flipping their reproductive switch.

  1. Light Leaks
  2. Inconsistent light schedules
  3. Bad chemicals or build up of chemicals in your soil.
  4. Chlorine in water.
  5. Too High or too Low pH.
  6. A bad start at the seedling stage will stress them out.
  7. High temperatures.
  8. Letting buds over-mature – this is also known as “rodelization”
  9. Overfeeding and over watering.
  10. Calcium builds up on roots from high mineral water.

Sometimes it just happens at no cause of your own. The truth is you always run the risk of running into a Hermie when growing feminized seeds… Very rare but it happens. It is true for non-feminized cannabis seeds, too! Regular seeds produce Hermies. Even Clones will Hermie in poor growing conditions.

Growing in a stress free environment will help prevent Hermies 99% of the time. In the end when growing Cannabis seeds or clones a Hermie will happen every now and then. Even to the best Growers.

How to Prevent Hermies

You should always use organic soil as your medium. So the idea of good growing, to prevent hermies by making sure your plants:

  1. Room temperature does not fluctuate too much
  2. Room humidity levels do not fluctuate too much
  3. Soil moisture levels to not become over watered or overly dry.
  4. You keep the nutrients feeding regulated, not spiking or depleting the amounts of nutrients throughout each day. An equal ratio N,K and P will have reasonable results.
  5. You keep your light schedule exact, and never allow light pollution (never allow, light to contact your plants during it’s dark cycle)
  6. Never use 24 hours of light for vegetation, 18 on / 6 off is suitablel. Read below for more advanced techniques

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of hermaphrodite cannabis, cultivators can make informed decisions to maximize the quality and productivity of their cannabis crops.

Sexing Marijuana Plants: Male, Female, and Hermaphrodite Cannabis

Differences between Male, Female, and Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants

Male plants produce pollen sacs, Female plants, on the other hand, produce buds that are rich in cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, Now, hermaphrodite plants are a peculiar bunch because they have both male and female sexual organs.

Identifying Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plants

Keep an eye out for small pollen sacs or "bananas" forming alongside the flowers. These banana-shaped structures contain pollen and are a telltale sign of a hermaphroditic plant. If you spot them, it's time to take action!

Remove Hermaphrodite Plants

it's best to act swiftly. Remove the hermaphrodite plants from your crop to prevent them from pollinating your precious female plants. It's best to get rid of it completely to protect the quality of your harvest. Remember, prevention and early detection are key in managing the hermaphroditic rebels in your cannabis garden!

Potential Consequences of Hermaphrodite Cannabis

The Impact on Yield and Quality

Male flowers contain pollen, and if they come into contact with your female flowers, they can fertilize them. This can lead to the production of Hermie seeds, which nobody wants.

Effects on Breeding and Genetic Stability

Hermaphrodite plants accidental pollination can introduce unwanted traits and compromise the genetic stability of the offspring. So, if you were hoping to create the next super-strain with consistent characteristics, hermaphrodite cannabis can be a real buzzkill.

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photo of hermies feminized cannabis bud

Hermaphrodite Cannabis Buds

photo of hermies feminized cannabis bud

Hermaphrodite Cannabis Buds

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Is hermaphroditism common in cannabis plants?

Hermaphroditism is relatively common in cannabis plants, but its occurrence can vary depending on various genetic and environmental factors. While some strains may have a higher tendency to develop hermaphroditic traits, proper care and cultivation practices can help minimize the chances of hermaphroditism.

Can environmental factors cause hermaphroditism in cannabis plants?

Yes, environmental factors can play a role in triggering hermaphroditism in cannabis plants. Stressors such as light leaks, extreme temperatures, nutrient imbalances, or physical damage can induce a stress response, leading to the development of male flowers on female plants. Maintaining a stable and optimal growing environment is crucial in minimizing the risk of hermaphroditism.

Can hermaphrodite cannabis plants affect the quality of the final product?

Yes, hermaphrodite cannabis plants can impact the quality of the final product. Male flowers can decrease the potency and flavor of the female flowers, resulting in a less desirable experience for consumers. Additionally, the presence of seeds due to pollination by hermaphrodite plants can reduce the overall quality and market value of the cannabis crop. Proper detection and management of hermaphrodite plants are essential for maintaining the quality and purity of the final product.

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Research Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants

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