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Storing Cannabis Seeds

Storage of Marijuana Seeds:
Use a Refrigerator, and make sure your marijuana seeds are as air tight as possible, Use rice, silica, desiccants, vermiculite or some other substance to ensure the storage container stays dry.

Protect seeds from temperature changes. Don’t take them out and look at them, just leave them alone in a climate controlled environment. The exact temperature is not nearly as important in a consistent temperature, but just above freezing works very well if you can manage it.

Do not expose seeds to light (including artificial lights) Don’t handle cannabis seeds. Handling means you’re exposing the seeds to temperature changes, light and moisture, including the oils from your hands.

Keep in mind that even if you start with viable seeds, if you don’t know what you’re doing during germination, you may lose some or all of your seeds anyway. This means that learning how to store cannabis seeds is really only the beginning of a ton of knowledge that is needed to grow the dankest of nugs while keeping your expenses and energy consumption low.

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