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Big Bud Seeds

Rating: 96
Big Bud

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tiny leaf
Strength: Medium + Duration: 2 Hours +
THC Medium + 20%
CBD Medium + 0.42%
CBN High 0.51%

THC percentages can vary with
growers techniques, conditions,
and grow formulas.

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Big Bud Strain Flowering Type: Photoperiod Feminized Buy

Photoperiod variety will only start to flower when it's exposed 12 hours or more of uninterrupted darkness. In outdoor cultivation, photoperiod plants are seasonal. Harvest is usually Late September and through October.

Big Bud Seeds is a predominantly Indica strain boasting THC levels of 20%. This exceptional strain is meticulously crafted by crossing an Afghani Landrace with Northern Skunk. Big Bud marijuana is highly recommended for evening or nighttime use, particularly before bed, due to its profoundly relaxing effects.

Big Bud Cannabis Strains Effects

Big Bud cannabis offers a truly remarkable experience, characterized by its ability to induce a state of relaxation, mental clarity, and overall euphoria. Individuals often report an immediate surge of happiness, enhanced sociability, infectious laughter, and a delightful tingling sensation.

However, it doesn't take long for the profound effects of this strain to permeate the body, providing much-needed relief from pain and the burdensome stress of daily life. Big Bud is renowned for its ability to induce a deep sense of relaxation, accompanied by an insatiable appetite and a gentle drowsiness. It is advisable to ensure you have the remote control and some munchies within reach before settling down, as you will find it challenging to tear yourself away from this blissful state anytime soon.

Big Bud Strain Tastes and Smells

Big Bud marijuana possesses an earthy, woody, herbal, spicy, and skunky aroma. Upon inhalation, one is greeted by a delightful combination of sweet, fruity, and citric flavors, accompanied by subtle floral undertones and lingering notes of lemon on the palate after exhaling. There is a distinct peppery spice emerges upon exhale which may cause some coughing.

Medical Uses of Big Bud Cannabis Seeds

Big Bud cannabis offers many medical benefits to address various mental and physical ailments. Popular for its soothing effects, Big Bud cannabis stands as an ideal strain for individuals seeking relief from insomnia and other sleep disorders. Those burdened with stress, depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, fatigue, and ADD/ADHD often turn to Big Bud marijuana to find solace.

Individuals grappling with chronic pain, headaches, migraines, fibromyalgia, back pain, arthritis, joint pain, cramps, muscle spasms, and tension have reported significant relief upon using Big Bud marijuana. Big Bud cannabis strain also stimulates appetite, making it an excellent choice for those experiencing loss of appetite and nausea.

Growing Big Bud Seeds

Big Bud seeds are an excellent choice for novice cannabis cultivators due to their easy cultivation. This strain is particularly well-suited for beginners, making it an ideal option to embark on your cannabis growing journey. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor cultivation, Big Bud thrives in optimal growing conditions.

When cultivated outdoors, in a well-chosen location, Big Bud can reach impressive heights of over 5 feet, with a bountiful harvest ready for reaping in October. The flowering period typically spans from 49 to 63 days, ensuring a relatively quick turnaround for growers.

It is important to note that yields are subject to various factors, including growing circumstances and techniques. To achieve the best results, it is crucial to pay attention to several key elements that significantly impact production and appearance. Lighting, nutrients, maintenance, temperatures, pH levels, and humidity all play vital roles in the successful cultivation of Big Bud. By meticulously managing these factors, cultivators can optimize the plant's growth and overall quality. Regular maintenance practices, such as trimming and pruning, are essential to ensure optimal light exposure, proper airflow, and adequate hydration. These measures contribute to the plant's overall health and vitality, ultimately enhancing the final product.

Big Bud Seeds can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Outdoor growers succeed with optimal yields in a wide range of temperatures with denser buds resulting from cooler temperatures and fluffy buds in warms regions. Indoors growers are able to use either soil or hydroponics. Get Them TODAY

Growing Big Bud Marijuana is Easy tiny leaf

Flowering: 49-63 days 
-- Outdoor Grow (Full Sun / In Ground) --
Height: 5 Ft Plus
Yield: 1 1/2 - 2 Plus lbs. Cured

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Terpenes « B-Caryophyllene « Limonene « Linalool « Myrcene

Percentages are Based on Users Reviews

Sweet: 78%
Fruity: 74%
Floral: 71%
Citric: 62%
Peppery: 54%
Earthy: 77%
Woody: 73%
Herbal: 69%
Spicy: 63%
Skunky: 51%

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

  RX Medical
Sleep Disorders: 84%
Chronic Pain: 79%
Depression: 77%
Stress: 75%
Anxiety: 67%
Nausea: 53%
Fatigue: 47%
Relaxing: 81%
Cerebral: 79%
Uplifted: 74%
Happier: 66%
Talkative: 59%
Hungry: 53%
Giggly: 46%
Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.

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  tree Genealogy
Big Bud Strain
Arrows pointing to genealogy
Afghani LandRace X Northern Skunk
Arrows pointing up to genealogy
Afghani LandRace   Northern Lights
Skunk #1
Indica     Sativa
CBD     Hybrid

Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.

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