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Symptoms Of Cannabis Plants

Look Closly at your plants. with a 10x loop.

Chlorosis and necrosis are two terms which describe symptoms of disease in plants. Chlorosis means lacking green (chlorophyll). Chlorotic leaves are pale green to yellow or white. Chlorotic leaves often show some recovery after the necessary nutrient is supplied. Necrosis means that the tissue is dead. Dead tissue can be gold, rust, brown, or grey. It is dry and crumbles when squeezed. Necrotic tissue cannot recover.

Guide To Identifying Your Pests

Looking at your plants on a regular basis, Like every other day, closly with a 5x or 10x hand held lens will keep you in tune to any insects or insect movement on your plants.


You work hard and spend harder earned money to produce a crop of smoke. The following are important pest and disease prevention.

-Use compost that has been processed properly. A medium heated to 140F/60C will kill larvae, eggs and fungus that is residing there. Cutworms eggs are very common in manure and compost, the marijuana plant has no defense against cutworms rampaging through its roots. When properly composted, both mediums reach these temperatures.
-Do not use mulch. This easy-accessible, moist, shaded medium is a perfect retreat for incoming pests and fungus. The risk isn't worthwhile.
-Keep outdoor tools outside, and indoor tools inside. If there are parasites in either garden, there will be hitchhiking mary jane munchers clinging to them. Tools used for regular yard work should always be sterilized if brought indoors. Rubbing alcohol, soap and water, or a quick pass with a handheld torch will accomplish this nicely.

-Spray regularly with Eliminator about every ten days. Returning with the regularity necessary to eradicate an infestation is not usually possible. Check the surrounding area for presence of pests and treat preventively. Spraying should commence in early to mid-summer. This is when the larvae of most pests are becoming fully mobile and airborne. Pesticide should be reapplied every 2 weeks.

-Keep your growroom clean and closed to out door intrusions.
-Forced air circulation and oscillating fans make it difficult for bugs to set up nests.
-Be careful not to bring hitch hiking pest into your room! They could be on your clothing or shoes.
-If your air intake comes from outside, install a filter to keep pests and disease outside.

Healthy plants will be the best defense you can possibly have. Often marijuana grows quickly enough to outpace pests, especially when healthy.

Identify For Treatment
Pay special attention to sickly plants! Pests infect one plant first, build up numbers and spred to near by plants. Before you know it your whole room or garden is infected. This can occur in DAYS. Most insects lay thousands of eggs during their lifespan of weeks.

There are three methods you can employ to combat pests.

-Predators: Predatory insects (meat eaters) will dine Harmful Insects (vegetarians). The Predators identified Here on HoliMoli.com are specialized in specific pest control.
-Manual removal: Exactly what it sounds like. Picking the things off, crushing eggs, If caught early enough, manual removal can control pests sufficiently so they will not fully infest your plants.
-Spray: The Eliminator to rid your plants of these plant destroyers.

Factors that can confuse diagnosis of plant nutrient issues include excessive top growth beyond the capacity of the root system to support, pesticide toxicity, aphid infestation, mite problems, certain virus problems, damage to the root system by insects, disease, or other conditions detrimental to the root system and its environment. Dry atmosphere or wet soil may cause the blade tips to turn brown. Brown leaf tips also may indicate a nutrient deficiency, but in this case, more tissue will turn brown than just the end tips.

It is also very important to note, that the best remedy for a deficiency is Not Always adding more of that element. Deficiencies result from a variety of conditions, usually one of the following: low content (not enough present), high or low pH, Toxic levels of a competing cation (too much of an element, which could interfere with uptake), root disease, over or under watering, and high or low temperatures.

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