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Viruses Diseases - Cannabis


Cells have a robust cell wall and viruses cannot penetrate them unaided. Most plant viruses are transmitted by Insects, animals, that feeds on the plants or wounds made, for example, during cultural operation.

Viruses 2

The signs are that of deforming plants and crops. Leaves curl, crops knot up and deform all parts of the plant, leaves, branches. fruit, trunk, bark, etc.


Viruses 3
Prefered Habitat:

Insects. This forms the largest and most significant vector group and particularly includes: These are by far the most important insects transmitting plant viruses.
Aphids: White flies: Thrips: Beetles: Mites:


Viruses 4

Most plant viruses depend on insect for their survival, transmission and spread. They transmit by two main modes, circu-lative (through the insect's haemocoel, CV) and non‐circulative (carried on mouthparts or foregut, NC).

Viruses 5
Other Viruses:

A small number of viruses can be transmitted through pollen to the seed (e.g. Barley stripe mosaic virus, genus Hordeivirus) while many that cause systemic infections accumulate in vegetatively-propagated crops.

Viruses 6
The Cure: Drmoli's Eliminator

The best sure way to rid yourself of these Viruses is to use Drmoli's Eliminator. Just spray every 10 days to prevent the spread of viruses. Up to the day before harvest.

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