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Tobacco Mosaic Virus - Cannabis


Tobacco Mosaic Virus:

Can attack a wide range of plants, including tomato, pepper, eggplant, tobacco, spinach, petunia, marigold, and our beloved herb marijuana.

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Stunting of young plants and fern-like appearance of the leaves. Can cause a mottling, streaking and necrosis of the buds. Infected plants are not killed, but they produce poor quality buds and low yields


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Prefered Habitat:

Tobacco mosaic, is incited by a virus. It's very stable and can persist in contaminat-ed soil, in infected plant debris, on or in the seed coat, and in manufactured tobacco products. The virus is transmitted readily from plant to plant.

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This may simply involve picking up the virus while working with infected plant material, then inoculating healthy plants by rubbing or brushing against them with contaminated tools, clothing, or hands.

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Stop the Spread:

Infected plants should be removed immediately to prevent spread of the pathogens. The use of tobacco products during cultural practices should be avoided to prevent inoculation of plants with the tobacco mosaic virus.

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The Cure: Drmoli's Eliminator

The best sure way to stop the spread of this virus is to get rid of the infected plants and to use Drmoli's Eliminator on the rest of your crop to prevent the spread. Spray plants to the point of run off, repeat every 10 days until a week before harvest.

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