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HYBRID - 60% - Indica / 40% - Sativa

24K Gold Regular Seeds

Rating: 97
photo of 24K Gold regular cannabis bud

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tiny leaf
Strength: High Duration: 3 Hours
THC High 22% - 24%

CBD Medium 0.37%

CBN High 0.63%

THC percentages can vary with
growers techniques, conditions,
and grow formulas.

24K Gold Regular Seeds Male & Female - InStock

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24K Gold Reg Strain Flowering Type: Photoperiod M/F Buy

24K Gold Regular Seeds are a mix of male and female Photoperiod cannabis seeds. Allowing for seed production and breeding. Only the Females produce "buds”, which contains the THC, CBN, and CBD.

24K Gold regular seeds is a Hybrid marijuana strain, with THC levels of 22%-24%, that was created by crossing two powerful varieties: Kosher Kush, a potent Indica, and Tangie, a Sativa. Also referred to as Kosher Tangie, this strain holds a well-deserved reputation as a timeless classic. It is most suitable for evening consumption or during leisurely moments, as users commonly experience a profound sense of relaxation and tranquility when indulging in 24K Gold marijuana.

24K Gold Cannabis Strains Effects

24K Gold regular strain of marijuana offers a unique experience, providing its consumers with a euphoric and uplifting high. This particular strain is known for its energizing and motivating effects, leaving users feeling productive and talkative. It is important to note that the Indica effects of 24K Gold will eventually take hold, inducing a sense of complete relaxation and laziness.

Due to its potent Indica properties, 24K Gold is not recommended for individuals with busy schedules. It is best enjoyed on lazy days when one can fully indulge and unwind. This strain is particularly suited for evening use, serving as an excellent way to relax and decompress after a long and demanding day. A snack run is going to be a must, this strain is well known for bringing on a mean case of the munchies.

24K Gold Strain Tastes and Smells

24K Gold regular marijuana lets off aromas that are pungent, herbal, piney, tangy, and earthy. Upon inhalation, one is greeted with a delightful combination of sweet and sour notes, accompanied by hints of citrus and fruit. Some individuals have reported experiencing a peppery spice upon exhalation, which may occasionally lead to coughing.

Medical Uses of 24K Gold Cannabis Seeds

24K Gold regular marijuana offers a wide range of medical benefits for both mental and physical conditions. This particular strain is sought after by patients seeking relief from symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, fatigue, PTSD, PMS, and ADD/ADHD. Individuals looking to alleviate pain caused by mild to moderate aches and pain, headaches, arthritis, and joint pain can find solace in medicating with this strain. When it comes to addressing loss of appetite and nausea, 24K Gold proves to be an ideal choice. Its potent relaxing properties make it particularly effective for individuals suffering from sleep disorders, allowing them to achieve restful sleep.

Growing 24K Gold Regular Seeds

The flowering period of 24K Gold regular cannabis spans approximately 9 to 10 weeks, culminating in a bountiful harvest typically in the month of October. This exquisite plant boasts a captivating allure, showcasing large, dense buds adorned with a glistening layer of frosty trichomes. It is important to note that novice growers should exercise caution, as this particular strain may prove challenging for those lacking experience.

To ensure optimal growth, ample headroom is required for the 24K Gold plant. Additionally, meticulous control of humidity levels is imperative, and regular pruning becomes indispensable in order to maintain adequate air circulation. Whether you choose to cultivate this remarkable strain indoors or outdoors, the choice is yours. If you reside in an area characterized by scorching, arid summers and chilly, damp winters, the outdoor environment may yield more impressive outcomes for your 24K Gold crop.

24K Gold Regular Seeds can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Outdoor growers succeed with optimal yields in a wide range of temperatures with denser buds resulting from cooler temperatures and fluffy buds in warms regions. Indoors growers are able to use either soil or hydroponics. Get Them TODAY

Growing 24K Gold Male and Female Marijuana is Moderate tiny leaf

Flowering: 63-70 days 
-- Outdoor Grow (Full Sun / In Ground) --
Height: 6 Ft Plus
Yield: 1 1/2 - 2 Plus lbs. Cured

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Terpenes « Myrcene « Pinene « Limonene « Beta Caryophyllene

Percentages are Based on Users Reviews

Citrus: 68%
Fruity: 62%
Sour: 54%
Sweet: 48%
Spice: 32%
Pungent: 72%
Tangy: 64%
Herbal: 48%
Pine: 34%
Peppery: 28%

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

  RX Medical
Fatigue: 80%
Nausea: 76%
Stress: 70%
Depression: 68%
Anxiety: 65%
Migraines: 63%
Arthritis: 60%
Happy: 90%
Relaxed: 68%
Talkative: 60%
Euphoric: 50%
Hungry : 41%
Sleepy: 34%
Energetic: 25%
Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.

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  tree Genealogy
24K Gold Reg M-F Strain
Arrows pointing to genealogy
Kosher Kush X Tangie
Arrows pointing up to genealogy
---   ---
--- ---
Indica     Sativa
CBD     Hybrid

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