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It's time to transplant:

Fill pots with high quality soil such as Fox Farm Ocean Forest. Do not use garden soils with pre-mixed fertilizers as these may damage the seedling.

OR directly in ground outdoors Dig a 2 ft. round hole fill with quality soil and put your plant right into the groud. Will grouw to be 6 to 10 foot or more.


seedlings to transplant photo

Grab you seedling that are ready for transplanting
3 inch hole in soil Removing plant for transplanting plant upside down
Fill pots with high quality soil. If purchasing soil Do not use garden soils with pre-mixed fertilizers they can damage the seedling. Give your seedlngs a little vitamin B1. 1 tsp. per guart of water. add only an ounce or 2 of this mixture per seedling. place your palm frimly over the cup (allowing the seedling to in between your fingeers) and flip it upside down. remove cup
Plant in hand rightside up plant in pot cage over plant for propection
With a 3 inch hole already punched into your new soil Gently place the seedling into the hole. Top off with a layer of soil. Water again with the B1 Mixture. Protecting your new plants is a smart idea when planting outside or in the open.
Keeping your plants safe from preators is important. Especially seedlings. The birds and lizards love seedling. Ground squirrels will eat them up to a foot or so tall.
finished planting

Once planted, it's time to start feeding them. What do I feed my plants? Go to HoliMoli Nutrients

Plant outdoors in spring when the weather warms up. Can plant any time for indoors with climate control.

If growing indoors - Place under lights for 18 hours per day. about 14 to 18 inches away with LED lighting and 24 inches away with HID.

pH balance is probably one of the most important things of all. If the pH is to High or To Low the cannabis plants will not be able to absorb nutrition and will suffer. For best results in soil  Veg. at  6.0 to 6.5.   ---    Flower at 6.3 to 6.8. Never allow your pH to go over 7.5 or below 5.5.

Go to Holi Moli pH Bal. There is a lot to learn about growing cannabis. I hope this all helps you on your way to growing a great crop.

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