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Air Layering for Cannabis Cloning

How to air-layer a clone.
Match sticks or toothpick
Razor blade
Rooting hormone (Clonex)
Plastic wrap


(1) Sterilize all your cutting tools before using them. (2) Find a branch that is at least 1/8 inch thick with a minimum of two nodes. (3) Use the Razor Blade to split the branch vertically / lengthwise. (4) Use tweezers to open the slit. Do not break the branch totally. (5) Get ‘clonex’ and apply it to the open wound. Tape a match stick parallel to the stem for support. (6) Pack the open wound carefully with any grow medium, or use a rockwool cube to cover the area (just split the cube down one side and slide over the branch). (7) Wrap the area with the small plastic bag. The effect of this should be a funnel shaped plastic wrap enclosure.fit.

(8) Pack the bag with grow medium before closing with tape. (9) Use a pin to create holes around bag. This will allow soil/medium to receive air. (10) Use an eyedropper to keep the soil wet. Do> this everyday. After 2 weeks your cutting will have developed roots and you can cut away the branch below the roots. Now you have a clone with roots ready for growth. You can choose to remove the plastic bag if you feel that it is too tight to allow all the roots to pass through it.

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Sphagnum Moss

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