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Cannabis - Sativa vs Indica

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Indica vs Sativa

So many flavors and many choices, but whats good for me?
Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica Cannabis CBD or Cannabis Auto Flowering. With so many different strains to choose from, it could be hard to find the right one for you. Holi Moli makes it easy for you by showing you the strains that are right foy you.

Indica (tend to induce sedating effects) and Sativa (more uplifting head high). There are also many cross breed hybrids with their own unique benefits. You can get strains that are sativa-dominant or indica-dominant, and CBD strains.

Cannabis Sativa has a higher THC content to CBD ratio and offers a much more uplifting energetic feeling. Sativa is used most commonly to elevate a depressed mood. Sativa Plants tend to grow tall and thin. Feeling of well being, Fights Depression, Sparks Creativity.
Earthy, piney smell and taste. Suited more for outdoors due to tall plants But does great indoors as well. It is characterized by narrow serrated leaves and loose spear like flower clusters that can be extremely resinous. Check Out Our Seeds and grow your own.

Then growers had the great idea of combining the ruderalis with the other sativa or indica so it will have the potent compounds it was missing. The new breed was able to grow in less light, grow conditions and be mature at only 3 ft (1 meter) tall. in only 9 weeks. Called Auto Flowering various cannabis

Cannabis Indica
Indica plants are typically short and stocky. More suited for indoor growing. Provides a very relaxing and narcotic-like body stone. Relieves Body pain, migraines, and headaches. Relieves Stress and Anxiety, and help them fall asleep at night. Reduces seizures and spasms. The flavors and smells of Cannabis Indica include; pine, pungent skunk, earth, hash, or a sweet and sugary fruit flavor. Individuals who suffer from diseases like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, sleep apnea and insomnia tend to benefit from the effects of Cannabis Indica. Check Out Our Seeds and grow your own.



There are a wide range of cannabis strains in between Indica and Sativa. These strains are known as “Hybrids” and show traits directly related to the genetics in its lineage. Hybrids can be broken down into three basic categories:
Sativa-dominant Hybrids: Cerebral high with a relaxing body effect. Provides physical and mental relief.
Even Hybrids (50/50): Ideal strains for people seeking a perfect balance of head and body.
Indica-dominant Hybrids: These strains provide a full-body pain relief, with a relaxing head high. Recommended for nighttime use to go to sleep, or daytime relief from minor pain. These strains are perfect for patients who suffer from all types of autoimmune diseases as well as insomnia or depression.

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hydroponic plants.

Auto Flowering


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