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Holi Moli Reviews

Everybody loves the Dr Moli's Products by Holi Moli
Organic for use on food and non food crops: it can be used in grow rooms, greenhouses, on field crops, or on fruit trees. For Indoor and Outdoor plants. Safe for you and your Plants.

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Reviews about DrMoli's Eliminator:

Using DrMoli's:

You got the perfect name for your company cause im harvesting I keep finding myself saying Holimoli  and im not even thinking of that until after I say it. Nice work dude! Thanks david.

James - Lucerne Valley


I used Moab in first week 1 tsp per gal and some of our plants would go into veg mode the plants buds would come like hairy and would loose value by 50 percent. When I used medcann every 2 wks all plants came out frosty and big hard nugs thank u holimoli.

From Sticky Dickie Farms - Banning


I have used all of their products for a couple of years and have been extremely satisfied with all their  products. I personally used and there is no better product that can compare to holimoli and I can personally attest to it

KEVIN - Riverside

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