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Bubblegum Autoflower Strain

Rating: 99
Bubble Gum

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tiny leaf
Strength: High Duration: 2 Hours +
THC High 23%
CBD Medium 0.21%
CBN High + 0.66%

THC percentages can vary with
growers techniques, conditions,
and grow formulas.

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Bubblegum Autoflower Strain Flowering Type: Autoflowering Feminized Buy

Bubblegum autoflower cannabis plants will begin to flower automatically, regardless of the Photoperiod they are exposed to. Takes as little as 10 -16 weeks from seed to the harvest. While producing top-quality bud.

Bubblegum autoflower seeds are an Indica dominant strain with THC levels of 23%. This strain is great for the afternoon and night time.

Bubblegum Autoflower Cannabis Strains Effects

Bubblegum provides a relaxing, euphoric, and creative body buzz high. As this high goes on you will start to feel happier, relaxed, talkative, and tingly. Nearing the end of this high you will start to feel calm, sleepy, and hungry so make sure you have some snacks on hand before rolling up.

Bubblegum Autoflower Strain Tastes and Smells

Bubblegum has a sweet, bubblegum, floral, and fruity aroma to it with undertones of berry. On inhale you are welcomed by a strong, creamy, fruity, bubblegum flavor to it with undertones of sweet berries. On exhale you are hit by tropical candy flavor with an earthy undertone that will leave you wanting more.

Medical Uses of Bubblegum Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Bubblegum has many medical uses. People who suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety find relief when medicating with this strain due to its euphoric and uplifting effects. If you suffer from pain caused by headaches, migraines, and cramps this strain will help to alleviate your pain. This strain will make you hungry, in turn helping with loss of appetite, nausea, and other eating disorders. This strain will make you sleepy, so it will help with insomnia and fatigue.

Growing Bubblegum Autoflower Weed Seeds

Bubblegum is a moderate cannabis plant to cultivate and can be grown indoors and outdoors in optimal growing conditions. Germination to Harvest is about 75-85 days. When grown outdoors, in the ground in an optimal outdoor location, this strain can reach 4ft tall. Yields are always dependent on growing circumstances and techniques. Lights, nutrients, maintenance, temperatures, pH and humidity levels all play a vital role in production and appearance. Regular maintenance such as trimming and pruning will be essential to ensure optimal light exposure and airflow with good hydration.

Bubblegum Autoflower Seeds can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. Outdoor growers succeed with optimal yields in a wide range of temperatures with denser buds resulting from cooler temperatures and fluffy buds in warms regions. Indoors growers are able to use either soil or hydroponics. Buy

Growing Bubblegum Autoflower Marijuana is Easy tiny leaf

Germination To Harvest: 75-85 days 
-- Outdoor Grow (Full Sun / In Ground) --
Height: 4 Ft Plus
Yield: 5 to 9 Ounces Cured

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Terpenes « B-Myrcene « Limonene « B-Caryophyllene « Linalool

Percentages are Based on Users Reviews

Bubblegum: 96%
Creamy: 88%
Sweet: 74%
Tropical: 62%
Candy: 58%
Sweet: 84%
Bubblegum: 71%
Floral: 64%
Fruity: 58%
Berry: 42%

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

  RX Medical
Stress: 92%
Depression: 86%
Anxiety: 69%
Chronic Pain: 62%
Headaches: 48%
Insomnia: 41%
Nausea: 33%
Body buzz: 95%
Tingly: 87%
Relaxed: 76%
Happy: 63%
Hungry: 58%
Sleepy: 49%
Euphoric: 44%
Seek the advice of a health professional before using cannabis for a medical condition.

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  tree Genealogy
Bubblegum Strain
Arrows pointing to genealogy
Unknown Parents
Indica     Sativa
CBD     Hybrid

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Are Marijuana Seeds Legal to Own or sell?

DEA Says YES according to emails from the DEA, marijuana seeds have no THC content so the schedule 1 drug laws would not apply to marijuana seeds.

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