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D-Limonene is one of the most abundant terpenes

In cannabis after myrcene. It has a distinctive bright citrusy aroma, often associated with lemons, oranges, lime and other sour citrus fruits. The scent is fresh, zesty, and a bit tangy.

True to its citrus origins, D-Limonene is found in the rinds of citrus fruits. It comprises over 90% of the essential oil extracted from orange peels in particular. In cannabis, some strains can contain over 20% limonene composition.

This terpene offers a range of potential therapeutic qualities:

  • Has an energizing, uplifting effect and often improves mood. Provides anxiety and stress relief for some users.
  • Exhibits anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties according to studies.
  • Demonstrates absorption enhancing capabilities which facilitate THC crossing the blood-brain barrier. This can strengthen and intensify the cannabis high.
  • May assist with gastrointestinal issues and reflux symptoms when used medicinally.

The zesty, orange aroma from limonene makes it a scent easily identifiable in citrusy cannabis strains. The uplifting mental effects combine nicely with limonene's physical soothing properties for a well-rounded profile.


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DEA Says YES according to emails from the DEA, marijuana seeds have no THC content so the schedule 1 drug laws would not apply to marijuana seeds.

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