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Alpha-cedrene is a lesser known terpene

Found as a minor aromatic in some cannabis cultivars. It falls under the sesquiterpene category in the terpenoid class due to having 15 carbons rather than the 10 found in monoterpenes.

This terpene has a subtle fragrance often described as woody, slightly sweet, and balsamic with hints of spice like cinnamon. The scent is not particularly intense.

Alpha-cedrene occurs more prevalently in trees and plants of the cypress family including juniper and cedar. The essential oils derived from species in this family contain varying concentrations.

While research is still limited, alpha-cedrene is believed to exhibit some anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties based on preliminary studies. The calming balsamic aroma suggests relaxing effects.

In cannabis plants containing measurable amounts of the terpene, alpha-cedrene likely interacts with and influences the other more prominent terpenoids. It contributes an additional delicate woody nuance to the overall chemovar profile. So its role may be more subdued as a complementary background player rounding out the major terpene bouquet.

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