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Is Weed Legal In Utah

Is Weed Legal In Utah, Yes for Medical Use

The Beehive State still prohibits marijuana possession and sale, with only a few, narrow medical exceptions. This is an introduction to Utah’s marijuana laws.

Rules and regulations for Utah's medical marijuana program:

  • Patients must obtain a medical cannabis card from the Utah Department of Health and have a qualifying condition such as cancer, epilepsy, autism, chronic pain, PTSD, etc.
  • After January 2023, eligible patients will need a physician's recommendation to obtain a medical card.
  • Dispensaries must be licensed by the Utah Department of Health. As of 2022, there were 18 state-approved medical cannabis pharmacies.
  • Legal medical marijuana products include tablets, capsules, concentrates, gels, ointments, and vape cartridges. Unprocessed flower is prohibited. Edibles are not allowed.
  • THC potency is restricted to 10mg per dose for tablets and capsules and 100mg per package for concentrates.
  • Patients are allowed to purchase up to 113 grams over a 14 day period. Possession limits are set at 226 grams.
  • Home cultivation, smoking marijuana, using it in public spaces, and operating vehicles under the influence are prohibited under Utah law.
  • Medical cannabis cards must be renewed every 6 months. Written proof of eligibility must be resubmitted each time.
  • Only state-licensed dispensaries can provide legal medical products. Purchases from any other source remain illegal.
  • Legal protections are provided for medical marijuana patients against discrimination related to housing, education, and employment.
  • Driving under the influence can result in a DUI even for registered patients, similar to restrictions on prescription medications.


For the most part, marijuana possession and sale are illegal in Utah. A conviction for selling pot in the state constitutes a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison, depending on the amount and location of the sale, and the criminal history of the seller. Utah does allow patients suffering from epileptic disorders to use cannabidiol (CBD) in limited concentrations for medical treatment. The table below lists Utah’s marijuana statutes.

Code Section

Utah Code 58-37, et. seq.: Utah Controlled Substances Act


Under 1 oz.: Class B misdemeanor;

1-16 oz. not yet extracted from plant: Class A misdemeanor;

Over 1 lb.-100 lbs.: 3rd degree felony;

Over 100 lbs.: 2nd degree felony;

Subsequent offense: one degree greater penalty than provided for


3rd degree felony;

Subsequent offense: 2nd degree felony;

Within 1000 ft. of school or sale to a minor: one degree more than provided except 1st degree felony is 5 yrs. mandatory



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