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Is Weed Legal In Oregon

Is Weed Legal In Oregon YES

Marijuana is legal in Oregon Since Nov 2012

Adults in Oregon who are over 21 years old can possess up to an ounce of marijuana if they are in public. As of July 1, 2015, adults 21 and over are allowed to grow up to four plants and have up to eight ounces of useable marijuana for personal use. Adults can also have up to 16 ounces of a marijuana product if it is in solid form, like an edible, or up to 72 ounces of a marijuana product in liquid form. It's illegal in Oregon to use marijuana in a public place.

Marijuana retail sales are legal at licensed dispensaries and taxed at 17%, and cities and counties can add up to an additional 3% tax in some cases.

Oregon became the third state in the U.S. to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by adults when voters approved Measure 91 during the 2014 general election.

Ballot Measure 67 (75 KB) -- Approved by 55% of voters on Nov. 3, 1998
Effective: Dec. 3, 1998

Removes state-level criminal penalties.

Possession/Cultivation: Medical patient may possess up to six mature marijuana plants and 24 ounces of usable marijuana. A registry identification cardholder and the designated primary caregiver of the cardholder may possess a combined total of up to 18 marijuana seedlings. (per Oregon Revised Statutes ORS 475.300 -- ORS 475.346) (52 KB)

Amended: Senate Bill 1085 (52 KB)
Effective: Jan. 1, 2006

The law also redefines "mature plants" to include only those cannabis plants that are more than 12 inches in height and diameter.
Effective: July 21, 1999

Mandates that patients (or their caregivers) may only cultivate marijuana in one location.

Amended: SB 281 (25 KB)
Signed by Gov. John Kitzhaber on June 6, 2013

Amended: HB 3460 (50 KB)
Signed by Gov. John Kitzhaber on Aug. 14, 2013

Updates: On March 3, 2014, the program began accepting applications from people seeking a license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary.

On March 19, 2014, Senate Bill 1531 (30 KB) was signed into law. The bill allows local governments to restrict the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries, including the moratoriums up through May 1, 2015.

Oregon Department of Human Services
Medical Marijuana Program
PO Box 14116
Portland, OR 97293
Phone: 855-244-9580 (toll-free)


Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

Information provided by the state on sources for medical marijuana:

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program publishes a directory of approved dispensaries n its website.

Code Section *Chapter 475
Medical Marijuana Oregon Medical Marijuana Act
Possession Legal
Unlawful Delivery (Sale)
*If delivery is for a sale: Class B felony; if delivery is not for a sale: Class C felony; if delivery is not for a sale and is less than 1 oz. of herb (not concentrate); if delivery is not for a sale and is less than 5 g.: Fine violation (up to $650)
Trafficking *Class B felony (Category 8 if over 150 g.)

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