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Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

The most important characteristic is that it comes with a great deal of long, sticky, THC-filled buds. The silvery sheen of all the THC glands on the buds is part of the 24% THC level that the plant attains. The plant can grow to truly mammoth heights (as tall as 100 inches.
Super Silver Haze's skunk parentage makes the plant easier to handle than typical Haze varieties Though as with all haze's it does require extra attention. It has a hazy taste and up high. This strain is of interest for medical applications. 
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Medical uses include alleviation of stress , nausea, and depression.
On its own, it’s a unique piece of marijuana that has gotten people high year after year. It is a sativa-dominant strain, but somehow retains a great deal of indica characteristics with the smoke. A package of Super Silver Haze marijuana seeds is certainly a prized possession both because of the plant itself and the high it will eventually deliver.

The only strain that has one back to back Cannabis Cups has been bottled up and cloned for everyone to have access to. This plant will grow quite high which can result in large yields if you desire. A complete body stone that results in creative thinking and intellectual conversations makes this a strain to share with your friends.
If you want to add up something to that wit, then Super Silver Haze Feminized seeds are what you are looking for. Super Silver Haze will soon become your favorite strain for a few really good reasons. It can be grown by moderate growers and it can be grown indoors. This is fit for those who don’t have enough grow space

 Strain Characteristics:


Indoor and Outdoor

Medium- Tall

THC Level:
20 - 25%

Flowering Time:
9 weeks

Plant Type:
Sativa (65/35)


Genetics: Sativa/Skunk 85/15

700 - 850 g ----- Indoor 350-500 g

Grow Difficulty:


Now you can try Super Silver Haze in the all female version, Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds.
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