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Afghan Kush Auto Cannabis Seeds

Rating: 91
Afghan Kush Auto

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At nearly 100% Indica, Afghan Kush Auto strain is known to induce sleepiness, lethargy, and an increased appetite. The intense body-numbing sensations Afghan Kush Auto strain causes make it a popular strain especially among those suffering from severe or chronic pain, glaucoma, arthritis, or migraines. Its appetite stimulating effects also make it a strain commonly used to treat anorexia or the side-effects of chemotherapy. Due to Afghan Kush Auto's potency and intensity of physical effects, it is not uncommon for users to report feeling anxious or dizzy at higher doses. Other common complaints are experiencing dry mouth and eyes and overwhelming lethargy. Afghan Kush Auto strain is naturally grown in the Hindu Kush mountain range and is known to have a very earthy and hash-like scent and taste. Afghan Kush Auto grows in very dense, dark nugs that are heavily covered in trichomes. View Afghan Kush's Holi Moli Card

Strength: High +
Duration: 3 Hours +
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tree Genealogy

tiny leaf
THC 23%
CBD 0.40%
CBN 0.33%
Afghan Kush Auto Strain
Arrows pointing to genealogy
Hindu Kush - LandRace X Afghanistan Indica - LandRace
Indica     Sativa
CBD     Hybrid

Growing Afghan Kush Auto Marijuana is Easy tiny leaf

Flowering: 65 days from germination to harvest.
-- Outdoor Grow (Full Sun / In Ground) --
Height: 3 Ft Plus
Yield: 3 to 4 ozs + Cured

100% - Indica
Hash Like
Benefits of Medical Marijuana
  RX Medical
Stress – 10
Pain – 10
Insomnia – 8
Depression 6
Headaches – 5
Appetite - 5
Glaucoma - 5

Relaxed – 10
Sleepy – 7
Happy – 6
Hungry – 6
Euphoric – 4

Eliminator photo

Strain Analysis: THC percentages can vary with growers techniques, conditions, and grow formulas.

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